When I am working on a serie, what comes to mind is sometimes a very precise image, so that the work at that point is to find the technique and the way to stop it on the canvas. When we talk about light, we think of something external to us, whatever acquisition and discovery science achieves, we continue to think of light as something that makes up reality outside. None of my works stems from improvisation but rather from a concept or a thought,
which I want to express, and when the words that summarize it arrive, they often become the title. Sometimes I fall in love with a title that becomes a series of paintings. Indeed I would say that it happens often. The concept of light always fascinated me, and here I could define my works as a Post it to remember, that is an image and a title to stop a fragment of the story that I love to tell.

Acrylic, Sand on Linen, 40x43x4 cm, euro 400

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