Forgiveness is the great liberation from time. It is the key to learning that the past is over. Madness no longer speaks. There is no other teacher and no other way. What has been undone is no longer. And who can stand on a distant beach and dream of himself across an ocean, in a place and time that has long passed? How real can an obstacle in this dream be to where it really is? Because this is a fact and does not change the dreams he has. Yet he can still imagine being elsewhere, and in another time. In the extreme, he may delude himself into the belief that this is true, and go from mere imagination to belief and madness, fully convinced that where he would rather be, he is. According to quantum physics, a particle that vibrates due to your sound when you speak can instantly affect a molecule inside a star at the edge of the Universe. This phenomenon is known as quantum entanglement.

Acrylic, Sand on Canvas, 110x82x4 cm,  euro 1900.

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