“Of light and in light”, serie DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE n. 8, 2021

Whatever series I’m working on, using words, that are supposed to be known, or compound words sometimes annoying or provoking in their meaning, sometimes simple universal words, but that hide a much more vast meaningful sense, is part of the game I ‘m playing with painting. To give a broader perspective to the symbolic form and colors I lay on the canvas and impress a memo on our distracted and wandering Minds. Playing with transparency and opacity, the visible and the degraded, each work is always a battle to test colors and textures with each other, a process sometimes calculated by the already set title as a goal to be achieved, and the next moment completely possessed from the “accidents” of the technique used, which lead to subsequent moments of rational thought, only to fall again into the magic of the instant without thought the next moment, as a constant shift between two different sectors of the mind.

Acrylic on Canvas, 83×95.6×3 cm, euro 1600.

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