“Middle Earth”, serie Down the Rabbit Hole n.7,

I always paint driven by visions, perception and feelings, most of the time, all are connected somehow to the moment in which I live and I am immersed.This is what I see despite, the current situation of chaos, we are all going towards the light, everyone with is own speed. Thats how I see it and that is how I imagine it. Middle Earth is the immaginary place made on canvas with several layers of paint or perceptions that moment by moment they have defined this title, a new one for this serie that I love particularly for the level of freedom that gives to myself.

Acrylic on Canvas, 101.7×101.7cm, artwork on supported wooden frame. Ready to hang. Euro 1350.

*the cost of shipping is not included and will be determined when the destination is known and communicated before any sale, because the cost can vary considerably depending on the continent of destination and country.