“Light Is Coming” serie Lay Lines n.36

Think of reality as a stratification of levels, and they are the hidden ones that I imagine, and I look for doors and ways that carry consciousness elsewhere, in the Here and Now where the veil is no more. Layers and forms that touch each other while remaining united, even from distant and opposite positions in an only apparent separation, not visible but present, same instant different perception, in a constant return to the first level, the densest the most powerful, but unreal. For this reason I tend to focus my attention on the most feeble, and distant, but therefore more real levels precisely because behind the scenes of a direction of which I know nothing, but at the same time welcoming and total familiar.
It is the constant search for these doors that guides the use of colors and their intrinsic character as a link between the different but united levels.
Water becomes the additional tool for determining and conducting colors, where the canvas is no longer the place to lay the colors, but rather the means to accommodate as much water as possible in a total cooperation of elements.

Acrylic and sand on Canvas, 66.5×58.5×4.5 cm, SOLD