“Ley Lines n.35”

The Ley Lines series is the ambition to stop the moment in what I summarize in this statement: “I truly believe colors have the power to guide feelingsand lead to moments of now – here and nowhere”.
And this is the urge that it’s moving me. And when nature provides the clues and forms to go towards that here and now, with its determined simplicity and perfection, all that remains for me is the attempt, in full humility but urgency, to stop the moment, where everything is silent but the emptiness is absolute full.

Acrylic, Sand on Canvas, 76.5×76.5 x4.5 cm, euro 1000.

*the cost of shipping is not included and will be determined when the destination is known and communicated before any sale, because the cost can vary considerably depending on the continent of destination and country.