“Lay Lines n. 33”

I have always been fascinated by black and white colors, as symbols of duality, contrast and light versus dark. When the colors move in the canvas, from the life given to them by the abundance of water used in this specific technique, then their nature becomes real, where light and white reveal their peaceful attitude of lightening the mind and the feelings involved in the moment.

The painting is done on high quality cotton, with no need for frames, as the edges are painted. You will receive it “ready to hang”, with a hook on the back. I sign my paintings on the back, but I can also sign them on the front on request.

Acrylic, Sand on Canvas, 119×79.2×4 cm, euro 1600.

*the cost of shipping is not included and will be determined when the destination is known and communicated before any sale, because the cost can vary considerably depending on the continent of destination and country.